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Welcome to the NPC Pastor’s Blog page, a great place to find fresh insights on mission, ministry, theology and leadership from a variety of NPC pastors and lay-leaders.

From our Pastor 23rd February

Journalist cum social researcher Malcom Gladwell has just released a new book – Talking to Strangers. In it he retells the story of Chamberlain and Hitler (you probably know it from watching the Netflix series ‘The Crown’). In 1938, British Prime Minster Chamberlain goes to meet

From our Pastor 17th February

I watched a movie ‘Hampstead’ recently on Netflix. It’s the story of a widow who rescues a squatter from a group of thugs, and a complex but deep friendship emerges. In the climactic scene, the squatter is about to lose his home. The prosecution argues

From our Pastor 10th February

If there is one passage of scripture I have read, studied, heard lectures on, and mentioned more than any others (after the cross) it would Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. And yet this week I noticed something knew. When the serpent tempts Eve, he speaks

From our Pastor 30th January

Natural disasters have a way of provoking immediate and widespread response. We feel for the victims. We feel for them or perhaps with them – we identify with their sense of loss and helplessness. We want to respond with care and generosity. It’s heartening to

From our Pastor

This summer, Australia has endured the worst bushfires ever recorded in human history. So far 10 million hectares has burnt – that’s almost the size of England! We have experienced a national sense of shock, then compassion, and now we are in a national season

From the Pastor

Watching the impeaching of Donald Trump unfold is disturbingly telling. America responds as two unmovable blocks. On the one side this is all a witch hunt and Trump is being victimised. On the other side Trump is a tyrant and must be stopped by whatever means. Here is the scary bit,

From the Pastor

As I foreshadowed, having a rugby player become a public spokesperson for Christianity is fraught with danger. Recently, in a sermon, Falou read from Isaiah 24:4-6 “The earth is defiled by its people; they have disobeyed the laws, violated the statutes and broken the everlasting

From the Pastor

Today (at MM) we celebrate the end of the Kids Church year. Families are amazing things. Turtles lay eggs, and then leave them to hatch. Kittens stay with their mums for a couple of months. But human offspring are dependent upon their parents for years

From the Pastor

There was a season where tensions with one of my children hit a new low. They lied. But I became conscious that the lying, regarding one topic, was routine. I could no longer trust them. So they apologised, and I forgave them for their most