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Book Review: Prophet Arise by John Eckhardt

Book Review: Prophet Arise by John Eckhardt

The prophetic can be an enigma on two fronts. On one front, one may be wondering what a modern day prophet may look like. There is the prophetic, words of encouragement and insight, but what does the office of prophet look like in the 21st century? On the other, one might be having experiences and stirrings inside of you relating to God’s heart and not understand what’s going on.

John Eckhardt’s “Prophet Arise” comes to the rescue. It originally was a series of facebook posts posted by John to equip people in the prophetic. Using detailed scripture quotations, he details the attributes of a prophet in this day, what they want, what they struggle with, what they do. It’s a great introduction to the prophetic, a zealous and at the same time level-headed and sober.

In the back are prayers and declarations to aid you if one finds themselves drawn to the prophetic. There are warnings to the “Jonah Prophets”, where there has been a struggle over God calling you to do something and you have yet to do it.

It is a challenging, refreshing, inspiring book, and if you wish to fan into flame the spiritual gifts, I recommend you give it a go. It’s a report card to audit where one is doing well and where one needs to surrender to God’s will. It’s a short read and a small size. Recommended.