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DEEPer devotions 28th May

Not yet filled (growth) Day 1 One of the men I admired most in my years in Indonesia was a man called Cornelius. Quietly spoken, humble, a dedicated follower of Christ, he was preparing for pastoral ministry in Java in the College where I was teaching. His

DEEPer 2018 Devotions 14th May

Devotions for week 14th May 2018 Plates and bowls Day 1 All of us want to be accepted but it is sometimes very difficult to place ourselves in the felt experience of someone who is seen as different, the ‘other’ who is not welcomed or acknowledged. Yet if

DEEPer 2018 DEVOTIONS 7th May

Devotions for week 7th May 2018 Our apologies that the wrong devotions were posted yesterday We are the clay Day 1 Ibu Suminah (Ibu is the Indonesian word for mother or Mrs) was our helper in the kitchen when we lived and worked in the town of Ungaran in

DEEPer 2018 DEVOTIONS 30th April

Week of 30th April 2018 God is the potter Day 1 Jeanette and I had taken our children back to serve in Indonesia after an extended break in Australia for medical treatment. For various reasons we were relocating from where we had been working in West Papua (formerly

Australia Day

The calls to abandon Australia Day gathers momentum. Advocates of this position argue that it is Invasion Day, and fails to recognise the black history behind white Australia, and offends our first people. Indeed – some are offended. Others argue that Australia Day is a day

Artspace Workshop

Our next guest Artist is Graphic designer, Neil Beckett, showing us the basics of using Scraper board, card coated with smooth white china clay and over-printed with black ink. If you have any wire wool, sandpaper or scalpel blades please bring along, Scraperboard provided. All

Know Your Bible (KYB)

The Rosebud & Mornington KYB groups will be studying The Holy Spirit in term 3. Mornington will recommence on Monday 17th July and Rosebud will resume Thursday 20th of July. Please contact Georgette for the Mornington group via the MM Church office 5973-8888 or Pandora