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FOR THE LOVE OF GOD – Documentary

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD – Documentary

How the church is BETTER + WORSE than you ever imagined.

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A documentary in progress by the Centre for Public Christianity, confronts the worst of what Christians have done – and also traces the origins of Western values like human rights, charity, humility, and non-violence back to the influence of Jesus.

This is not the history we think we know. Join us at New Peninsula Baptist Church  Mount Martha and join in conversation with leading international scholars as we weigh up the good, the bad, the ugly – and the unexpected – about the impact Christianity has had on the world we live in.

We have an amazing opportunity coming up on June 19. We will screen the documentary “for the love of God” in our main auditorium (we’ve secured the rights to show independently)

We will have one of the presenters –Dr John Dickson, (historian, author, theologian) for a talk and Q&A session in person directly after the show.

We live in a culture that is increasingly suspicious – if not hostile -to Christianity and so this documentary is timely. The movie is a documentary and is for Christians and Non-Christians, and so gives us an great opportunity to invite friends along.
(Your friends who would benefit most are those who have some interest in this area to begin with, and are open-minded enough to listen to an alternative point of view)- so be praying about that

FILM PRESENTER   Dr. John Dickson (Historian, theologian and author) taking Q&A afterward

TICKETS $17.00PP  ($15.00 plus booking $2.00)
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For The Love of God – New Peninsula Baptist Church, VIC