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From the Pastor

From the Pastor

Boris Johnson’s rise (as Mayor) and fall (12 months ago), and recent rise and fall has been astounding. What are we to make of this? A few random thoughts.

It’s easy to be frustrated with the current state of events. Brexit under Theresa May was going nowhere fast. It’s not even possible to agree on what the problem was. Theresa May appeared to cower to the EU, lack a clear plan, and offered no coherent or compelling vision. All Britain got, as Johnson put it, was ‘dither, delay, and confusion’.

On the surface Johnson appears to offer backbone, leadership, and a compelling path forward. But the parliament, and even members of his own party do not agree. In reality, the problem of how to exit the EU is far more complex than just Theresa May lacking a plan. Johnson has a plan, but most don’t think it is the right plan.

Much of life this side of glory is similar. It is possible you feel your marriage, or family, or vocation, our economy, or our church fails to flourish. It is even possible you have persuaded yourself of a diagnosis of the problem, and the solution.

What is altogether quite possible is that yours and my imagined simple solution does not fix a complicated dilemma.

In some sense, the grand narrative of the Bible is that everyone’s life is complex. That we make mistakes. That without God things go from messy to messier.

Jesus does not promise to always fix the messiness. Rather, he is a constant presence with us in the confusion of this life. And his promise is that he can work in and through this brokenness to make us more whole, now and in the future.

     David Rietveld

 Senior Pastor