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From the Pastor

From the Pastor

I don’t think I have ever heard a sermon on ‘Rest’. I’ve heard lots on ‘Service and sacrifice’ but not a lot on ‘Rest’. I’m not even sure I have a proper understanding of ‘Rest’. Mostly I’ve taken it to be time off work. Time to recover in order to maintain maximum output.

The general Australian cultural understanding of rest, or at least what it appears to be to me, is time to do recreational and fun things. It’s time to get away or escape from work – which makes it sound like work is something that confines and cages us, something we are subjugated by.

I am not sure either of those perspectives are actually right. Genesis 2:2-3 suggests that rest isn’t escape from work nor recovery time to better perform work. Those two perspectives make rest about work. Genesis 2:3 seems to make rest its own thing, God blesses it and makes it holy. Which is to make it completely separate from work. It is an indication that rest is an important thing in itself, it is time to do other important things. Things like worship, gathering as community, spending extended time with family, seeing the extended family, pursuing hobbies, being creative etc.

I mention this as we head into school holidays as a way of reminding myself that holidays are not about having a break from school/work, they are a gift from God to do other important things. Enjoy the opportunity.

                          David Underhill

                          Associate Pastor