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From the Pastor

From the Pastor

Today (at MM) we celebrate the end of the Kids Church year. Families are amazing things. Turtles lay eggs, and then leave them to hatch. Kittens stay with their mums for a couple of months. But human offspring are dependent upon their parents for years and years.

This seems inefficient, but God has some core life lessons for us all to learn in families. As adults we can learn what it is like to be a parent who loves their child unconditionally only to watch them do foolish things that hurt them and us. In so doing we further appreciate God as our father.

As children we can learn the security and confidence that comes from being unconditionally loved. This can help us trust in our heavenly father. We can learn the pain sin can cause others, the courage it takes to admit wrong and ask for forgiveness, and the joy of reconciliation. All invaluable life lessons.

Marriage and family are both relationships in which the very people who love us the most, can disappoint and hurt us the most. And if we are honest enough, we must admit we can hurt others in our family too. In this sense marriage and family are secure safe places where God uses the people who love us the most to help sanctify us.

My wife and my children are God’s gift to me. In some sense I am called to exercise a position of responsibility, and yet in other ways I have learned more from them about myself and about life than I ever knew I did not know.

The church family and Christian community is an extension of this idea. We all need each other. Alone we are incomplete.      

    David Rietveld

   Senior Pastor