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From the Pastor

From the Pastor

Watching the impeaching of Donald Trump unfold is disturbingly telling. America responds as two unmovable blocks. On the one side this is all a witch hunt and Trump is being victimised. On the other side Trump is a tyrant and must be stopped by whatever means.

Here is the scary bit, it does not matter what new evidence comes to light, both sides have already decided what they will do with the information without even considering it. Half will believe it and the other half will doubt and ignore it.

Humanity tends to pride itself in being an enlightened rational race. We have the capacity to think, to explore, to investigate and to consider, yet when it comes to assessing certain topics or persons, our capacity for reasons seems to fly out the window.

In its place comes ‘blinkered group think’, and a passionate blind loyalty to seeing things one way. Social media appears to only enhance our capacity to find friends who bolster our commitment to our presuppositions and who affirm our often invalid reasons for dismissing the insights of our rivals.

What is more disturbing is that we can see this phenomena at play in others, but not in ourselves. Americans respond this way to Trump, but we believe we do not. Here in Australia some persons and discussions are equally polarising. Is climate change human induced? Is welfare compassionate or rewarding the idle? What levels of migration are sustainable? We hold strong positions without considering the evidence.

In this January series my aim is to tackle some patterns of Western culture’s group think. I ask you to park your assumptions at the door. Let’s allow Jesus’ insights to be a lens through which we analyse our culture.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           David Rietveld  (Senior Pastor)