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Rosebud – Community Group

Our aim is to encourage Christian community amongst those who may not feel comfortable in a typical Sunday morning church service.

Through a low key meal and worship service, this Community Group promotes solid spiritual growth and personal development, encouraging the use of each other’s strengths to benefit one another in a supportive, empowering and gospel-centred environment.

Being connected with this Community Group, enables people to find a sense of belonging. They can access support, they can provide support, they can provide empathy and they can be empathised with. All of which helps to cope with stress in their lives in a better manner than they otherwise would.

Participants are discovering a relationship with Jesus.

Since 2010 we have been supporting the ministry of John and Angela Wilmot among the Martu people in the east Pilbara region of WA. The Wilmots have a variety of roles – the most important being provision of chaplaincy and practical support for an embattled group of Martu Christian leaders of the Martu Christian Fellowship (MCF).

Photo for the Martu Leaders

The MCF meets regularly at the 5-acre ‘Martu Farm’ on the outskirts of Newman for ‘Martu-style’ worship services. The Farm also provides as a refuge and place of empowerment and training for distressed indigenous persons and families from Newman and surrounding small indigenous communities.   Double Click or simply Click History for a summary of the partnership’s history and recent developments, and double click or simply click Martu_Ministry_Update_Vol_4_No_1_Jan_Apr_2017 to see the latest quarterly “Martu Ministry Update” which provides amazing stories and photos of God’s work through the Wilmots and the MCF.

The partnership began in 2008 in association with OM (Operation Mobilisation).

It includes

  • Children and education, resourcing Kindergartens, Children’s Homes (Orphanages) and Communities who live in very poor conditions both on the streets and railway lines of Yangon
  • We have funded water supply projects and the construction of several community centres in remote villages.
  • supplement the wages of the OM staff in order that they can better serve the local people without the stress of having to raise their own support.

It is challenging and humbling to step out in faith with little experience to serve these communities as brothers and sisters in Christ.

The below photos are of a building that we bought as a kindergarten in about 2010. It was rebuilt in 2015 and prepares village children from both Buddhist & Christian families for the public school system. The children will not be allowed to attend school unless they can read & write!



Bethel Baptist is a young vibrant church just outside Mbale in eastern Uganda with a strong heart for God and a passion to transform and redeem the local communities.

New Peninsula and Bethel have been in close partnership since 2009.  We are privileged to provide Bethel with encouragement, counsel, prayers and financial assistance. Bethel joyously provides us with inspiration, love, prayers and the opportunity to see God spectacularly at work as they minister to the poorest of the poor.

In a predominantly Muslim area and living side by side with devoted ancestral worshippers, Bethel has grown from 6 people in 2007 to being a central church with 9 satellite churches.  Most members are recent converts, many paying a high price to declare their love of Jesus – beatings, threats, poverty and separation from their family and children.

We are inspired and refreshed by the people of Bethel, remaining true to their faith under persecution, giving so much of their lives to love and benefit others. Through their example, Bethel people teach us to live by faith and action and anticipation.

In addition to four major Partnerships, New Peninsula supports church members and others who have links to us.

These special people are engaged in cross cultural mission in several continents, including some very sensitive places. They have been called by God and obediently serve in a variety of roles, such as –

  • Care for abused women and girls
  • Chaplaincy
  • Holistic outreach to poor and marginalised peoples
  • Mission aviation
  • Mission support
  • Teaching and coaching
  • Training leaders

New Peninsula thanks God for these people – individuals, couple and families. We count it a privilege to regularly pray for, encourage and support them financially.