New Peninsula Baptist Church is a community united by our love for God, His Word and the work He is doing through His people here on the Peninsula and around the world. We are a fun, diverse community with big hearts and big dreams to see God move.

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From the Pastor

Like all fields of knowledge, psychology is bursting with new findings on several frontiers. One of those is neuroscience (understanding how the brain and its chemistry works). One recent finding has to do with emotions. Emotions are a cluster of chemical reactions taking place in…

From the Pastor

We are discovering that the Psalms can help express the songs and emotions of the soul out loud. Nowhere is this more true than the so called Penitential Psalms (or Psalms of repentance including Psalms 6, 32, 38, 51, 102, 130 & 143). Guilt is…

From the Pastor

The Psalms cover many different emotions and settings. Lament Psalms are the most common, followed by liturgical Psalms written for public worship. The third most common are Psalms of thanksgiving, be they Psalms of personal thanksgiving, corporate thanksgiving, or hymns designed to be sung together….

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A community is not a crowd. It is  a collection of sub-groups; large and small, old and young and with a variety of interests. Communities are where we can be known, cared for, learn and care for others.

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Care and support happens in a variety of ways in our church. Through different services and programs we provide healing, prayer and practical support for each other and for those doing it tough in our broader community.

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Our facility is available for hire for events and community functions.