New Peninsula Baptist Church is a community united by our love for God, His Word and the work He is doing through His people here on the Peninsula and around the world. We are a fun, diverse community with big hearts and big dreams to see God move.

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From the Pastor

Anthropologists tell us you can understand a culture by interpreting its symbols. The cross is the key symbol of the Christian Worldview. It simultaneously captures God’s love for us, in that he sent his Son to die for us. Jesus so loved us that he…

From the Pastor

The 30th anniversary of Tiananmen Square is a fascinating example of messing with history. History is written (or re-written) by the victors. Perhaps the biggest re-writing of history is the story of Galileo. Apparently he and Copernicus concluded, through the natural sciences, that the earth…

From the Pastor

The place of Christians and Christian views in public life is confusing. Some saw the censure and sacking of Israel Falou as evidence that Christian’s can no longer express biblical views out loud. Then Australia voted in, to the surprise of many, an overtly Christian…

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A community is not a crowd. It is  a collection of sub-groups; large and small, old and young and with a variety of interests. Communities are where we can be known, cared for, learn and care for others.

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Care and support happens in a variety of ways in our church. Through different services and programs we provide healing, prayer and practical support for each other and for those doing it tough in our broader community.

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Our facility is available for hire for events and community functions.